ENBIT Workshop 2018

The workshop of the ENBIT consortium, Data Sharing & Tools for Brain Tumour Imaging, will be held in Brussels, at The Egg, Rue Bara 175, on May 31st 2018.

This meeting will be a place to discuss the creation, maintenance, and usage of a database of clinical images from brain tumors.


The workshop is free of charge, and four student travel grants are available. Interested and motivated researchers are welcome to apply. The capacity is limited.

Where and when?

The workshop will take place at the conference space The Egg, 10 minutes walk from Brussels South station, on the 31th of May 2018, from 9 am to 5.30pm.

Address: Rue Bara 175, 1050 Brussels.


Registration is free. Nonetheless the space is limited. Preference will be given to people presenting some work, and promotion of diversity will be a criterion of choice.

To register, please write an email to enetbrainimgtumours@gmail.com mentioning ENBIT WORKSHOP in the subject. Tell us about your interest in brain tumor imaging and data sharing, and specify if you would like to present something.

Please submit an abstract and an eventual request for student travel grant by Sun, May 13, 2018 . You will be notified before Tue, May 15, 2018 . The final date to confirm your registration is Sun, May 20, 2018 . Please register only if you actually plan to come, otherwise food, money, and space will be wasted.

Travel Grants

We can offer four travel grants of 300 USD to students and early career researchers. Diversity and quality of the contribution will be the selection criteria. The money will be refunded to the grantee after the workshop. If you request a travel grant, please specify it in your email.


09.00 - Cyril Pernet and Daniele Marinazzo - Opening

09.10 - Hannelore Aerts - Modeling brain dynamics in brain tumor patients

09.30 - Javier Rasero- Predicting functional networks from region connectivity profiles in task-based versus resting-state fMRI data and its possible applications to brain tumor data

09.50 - Sofie Van Den Bossche - Retrieving the HRF at rest: an application to brain tumor fMRI scans

10.10 - Coffee break

10.40 - Data sharing - Bene Wiestler’s experience at TUM

11.00 - Data sharing - Wouter de Baene’s experience at TU

11.20 - Data sharing - Moss Zhao’s experience at Oxford

11.40 - Christoph Stippich - Advanced imaging standards, structured reporting,GRASP, fMRI/DTI

12.00 - Roland Beisteiner - Pitfalls and reliability/replicability issues with clinical fMRI

12.20 - Linda Douw - Networks and cognition in brain tumors

12.40 - Anders Eklund - Gamma knives and software for brain tumor treatment

13.00 - Lunch

13.40 - Chris Phillips: data processing and its automatization

14.00 - Parallel sessions (split room):

15.00 - Coffee break

15.30 - Feedback from parallel sessions, brainstorming, coding, enlarging the consortium, discuss collaborations, grant applications, etc

17.30 - Closing remarks


For any question or request please contact Daniele Marinazzo or ENBIT